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Location Spotlight: Plymouth Ave (Building 7)

Whether you're looking for a new primary care doctor or pulmonologist, make an appointment at our Prima CARE Plymouth Avenue…


Location Spotlight: 831 Main Road

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American Heart Month: 10 Lifestyle Tips for Staying Heart Healthy

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Location Spotlight: 289 Pleasant St (Building 4)

Prima CARE offers a range of medical services like preventive care and specialty care like cardiology, neurology, and more a…


Top 5 Most Nutritious Portuguese Dishes

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Are You Due for a Check-Up? 5 Reasons to Check-In With Your Doctor

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10 Expert Tips on Quitting Smoking

If you're having trouble quitting, our experts at Prima CARE are ready to help. Schedule an appointment online today and ge…


What Causes Digestive Problems? 6 Common GI Problems You May Have

Trouble with digestion? Don't let digestive problems keep you from living your best life. Schedule an appointment with the e…


4 Vein Diseases Your Vascular Specialist Wants You to Know About

If you think you may be suffering from any Vein Disease, contact the Vascular Specialist at Prima CARE today. here are 4 ve…