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Sleep Center Specialists – Somerset, MA | Fall River, MA

Prima CARE provides you with the best practices in sleep lab technology and testing. Our Sleep Center is accredited by The AASM (American Academy of Sleep Medicine), so you can be assured of the consistent quality and accuracy of our testing. In addition, the process is simplified for our patients because we can both perform the sleep study and provide the needed therapy.If you're chronically tired, snore loudly and/or stop breathing during sleep, a good night's sleep with prescriptive therapy may be only a test away!

Prima CARE offers a comprehensive approach to the evaluation and management of sleep disorders by expert medical physicians working in conjunction with dental sleep medicine specialists. Whether you have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) or another condition interfering with your sleep, we are prepared to offer a variety of therapies, from CPAP to oral mandibular devices.

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What is Obstructive Sleep Apnea?

Obstructive sleep apnea is repetitive paused-breathing during sleep. The pauses are caused by obstructions - such as extra tissue in the airway, a large tongue or decreased muscle tone - that cause the airway to temporarily collapse. Apnea is several-to-many seconds long and sometimes occurs up to 30 times or more an hour, resulting in fragmented sleep and repeated lowering of the blood oxygen level.

What are the consequences of OSA?

Sleep apnea most commonly causes excessive fatigue and often creates a loud snoring reflex. It also is associated with and may aggravate serious health conditions, including hypertension, diabetes, obesity, cardiac arrhythmia, stroke and heart attack.

How can I schedule an appointment?

Simply call your Prima CARE physician or the Prima CARE Sleep Disorder Center at (508) 675-7090. Remember, a good night's sleep is only a test away!

To learn more, download our PrimaCare Sleep Brochure:  English(opens in a new tab)  |  Portuguese(opens in a new tab)

Prima CARE, P.C.
Sleep Disorders Center

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67 Slade's Ferry Boulevard, Somerset, MA 02726
Phone: 508-675-7090
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Physicians often use the STOP-BANG questions listed below to identify patients who are likely to have Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

The STOP questions:
S:   Do you snore loudly?
T:   Do you often feel tired, fatigued, or sleepy during the daytime?
O:   Has anyone observed you stop breathing during sleep?
P:   Do you have or are you being treated for high blood pressure?

The BANG questions:
B:   Body Mass Index (BMI) above 35.
A:   Age above 50.
N:   Neck circumference above 17 inches (men) and 16 inches (women).
G:   Gender: male.

Answering "yes" to three or more of the above eight questions is very suggestive of OSA.

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