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Prima Care Patient Care

Prima Care, P.C.'s Patient Care Coordination Department is a patient-focused collaboration team aimed to improve patient outcomes and to reduce unplanned hospital admissions.

The Patient Care Coordination Department is composed of registered nurses and a medical director. This team consists of (1) a hospital-based case manager, who provides on-site assessment of transitioning needs, (2) an office-based case manager, who provides telephonic assessment of patient's transition and coordinates follow-up services, and (3) a medical director, who is a physician in active clinical practice, who oversees the department's clinical management and is available to contact the patient's primary care physician to clarify any care issues and suggest alternative care plans in support of the primary care physician's plan and patient's care needs.

Our Patient Care Coordination Department is geared to organize patient care sufficiently to avoid unnecessary hospitalizations and emergency department visits. It emphasizes the selection and coordination of services from the patient's perspective and considers all of the patient's circumstances.

Our goal is to provide optimal patient care while maximizing patient satisfaction through pain management, patient education, provider coordination, and patient advocacy.

Prima CARE, P.C.
Patient Care Coordination Department
277 Pleasant Street, Bldg. 1
P.O. Box 1070
Fall River, MA 02722
Phone: 866-774-6272
Fax: 508-672-0871