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How a physical exam can benefit you.


6 Tips For Exercising Safely In The Summertime

How to safely exercise during the summer months.


Now Hiring: Join The Prima CARE Team Today!

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Location Spotlight: 901 S. Main St

Everything you need to know about our vascular treatment.


Struggling With Weight Loss? Medi-Weightloss Can Help.

How Medi-Weightloss can help you achieve your weight loss goals.


Location Spotlight: Plymouth Ave (Building 7)

Whether you're looking for a new primary care doctor or pulmonologist, make an appointment at our Prima CARE Plymouth Avenue…


Location Spotlight: 831 Main Road

Whether you're coming to us for an annual checkup, our Prima CARE team of primary care doctors, physician assistants, and nu…


American Heart Month: 10 Lifestyle Tips for Staying Heart Healthy

At Prima CARE, we believe in preventive care and taking a proactive approach to your heart-health journey. Contact us today …


Location Spotlight: 289 Pleasant St (Building 4)

Prima CARE offers a range of medical services like preventive care and specialty care like cardiology, neurology, and more a…