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Pediatric Care Specialists | Children's Doctor - Fall River, MA

Keeping your up with your child’s healthcare as they’re growing is the key to their future as a healthy adult.

Patients in need of pediatric services are seen by Dr. Sarah Shreter, whose expertise allows her to provide compassionate and knowledgeable care for all children. Dr. Shreter’s office is located in Prima CARE's building at 191 Bedford Street in Fall River.

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FAQs on Pediatrics

What Are Some Common Pediatric Concerns?

Dr. Shreter can see children for as many conditions as any primary care physician would. Here are some of the most common reasons children and parents visit the pediatrician:

  • Vaccines
  • Ear infections (common in children)
  • Colds and sinus infections
  • Flu
  • Behavioral concerns
  • Routine physicals

Can A Pediatrician Prescribe My Child Medicine?

Yes. As a certified pediatrician, Dr. Shreter can prescribe medication, including children’s cold and fever medicine.

Can the Pediatrician See My New Baby?

Yes, Dr. Shreter can perform a well check on a newborn. In fact, this examination should be performed within the first week of the baby’s life.

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