Runner's Clinic

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Richard Smith and his Physical Therapy team of Jae Sherry and Joshua Gurney proudly announce the opening of their multispecialty Prima CARE Runner's Clinic.

Young Couple Running In The Morning As A Good Habit Stock Photo ...Knee Pain - What It Means - Center for Pain Management of NJ

  • Do you over-train or have pain when you run?
  • Have you noticed knee, hip, or foot problems?
  • Do your joints ache?
  • Do your shoes fit properly?


  • Expert evaluation of body mechanics, joint motion, and shoe fitting.
  • A personalized home exercise program.
  • Therapeutic massage by an expert.
  • Orthobiologic therapy with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or amniotic fluid.

Clinic appointments:
(774) 704-5786