The Prima CARE Division of Endocrinology has always been a leader in the techniques used to diagnose thyroid malignancies.  In 2012, Drs. Kishore Lakshman and Tamer Yacoub distinguished themselves as the first center in Massachusetts to offer Afirma genetic testing for thyroid cancer using fine-needle aspiration (FNA) of nodules in their office.

Not only has their Division grown with the addition of Drs. Joanna Mitri and Ziad Hinedi, but their pioneering techniques have kept them at the forefront of thyroid disease management.

Fine-needle aspiration is an office-based, ultrasound-guided procedure that allows the diagnosis of thyroid malignancies without an open surgical procedure.  The Afirma system allows rapid genetic analysis of these specimens.  Afirma analysis allows Dr. Lakshman and his colleagues to better differentiate normal from malignant specimens with a relatively simple procedure in their office.  This technique is more cost-effective, less invasive, accurate, and much easier for patients than the open surgical biopsy that would have been required in the past.  An ultrasound, a biopsy, and a bandaid have now taken the place of open surgery and hospitalization.

Prima CARE is honored to offer the level of expertise provided by the members of our Endocrinology Division, and we proudly continue our tradition of offering world-class medical care right here in Fall River.