Specimen Collection
Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to fast?
Follow your provider's instructions. However, most testing can be done in random specimens where there is no need to be fasting. Some tests should be performed on fasting specimens such as Lipid, Glucose or other special assays.

A good fasting is generally 12 hours without food or drink prior to the specimen collection. Special circumstances may prevent one from fasting. Always check with your provider.

How many tubes of blood will be needed?
It depends on the combination of tests ordered. Many tests can be done from one single tube of blood; others require a special tube with different additives in it.

Is there a better time for blood collection?
Generally the answer is no. However certain testing requires morning specimens. Consult your provider or the laboratory.

In case of Prothrombin Times, it is preferred that the blood be collected in the morning so the result can go to the provider before the day is over. This way monitoring of the patient will be easier.

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