Specimen Collection
Special Procedures

Tolerance Tests
Tests performed to determine patient's response to certain substances. The patient follows instructions from the provider before reporting to the laboratory. At the laboratory the patient is given a specific drink and blood is collected at different intervals. The patient is expected to stay in the collection station for up to five hours depending on the test ordered.

Timed Urines (24 hour Urines)
The patient collects the urine voided for a period of 24 hours and stores it refrigerated in a container provided by the laboratory. Specific instructions will be provided at the time the container is picked up.

Timed Stools (24 hour Stools)
The feces are collected for a period of time and stored in a container. Special instructions will be provided by the laboratory.

Stool Collection
Stool testing may require the specimen to be placed into several kinds of containers depending on the test ordered. The laboratory will provide these different containers with specific instructions. The collection of these samples will be done in the comfort of the patient's home.

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